A sign refurbished by Max May (one of the founding members) for St Johns Alexandra to celebrate their 150th. anniversary.

ST John's Sign 002

Come and visit the Woodies at the Alexandra Truck Show every year.IMG_20180610_104451

The Journey Begins

A quick look at our new home with a before and after shot of the main workshop, all the work except the electrical done by our members.



There is a lot more to see, you are welcome to come and have a look at our workshops and see what we are about and maybe considering joining our group.

At our old location we have our band saw mill where we are able to mill assorted timber to our requirements.

  Installing the band-saw mill and milling our first of very many logs into usable boards etc before stacking to allow the timber to dry.  



Our latest trip (July 2018) out for lunch to “JAMMM” at the Mount Pleasant hotel here in Alexandra, it was well attended but there is always room for more.

  The service and food was excellent with the table service very quick for the numbers we had there. We shall come again.