About us


About us.

We are a woodworking club that embraces all aspects of wood work all the way from milling timber, machining to specific needs which include everything from box making to turning pieces of art work or more usable items for the home.

We are part of the “Men’s Shed” group but we call ourselves a “Community Shed” because we welcome women in the club.

This has proved to be very successful for us, for the women that have joined, have integrated well and has led to a very pleasant environment.

What we do.

Most members take part in most aspects of woodworking but some come along just for the company and a chat.

We also have the occasional outings for a meal or to places of interest to the members such as this trip to the B24 restoration project at Werribee.




Our Community.

The wider Alexandra community is predominately a farming community with various support businesses. Our members are mainly but not exclusively retired as we have some who are still working and also still in education.

Brief history of the Guild

Jack Carter moved from Melbourne to Eildon in 1985. Friends of his decided that he needed to meet other people in the area. They thought that it would be a good idea to place a note on the board near the Eildon shops. The note invited other woodworkers to contact Jack with a view to sharing skills and ideas. As a result of this, Max May met Jack Carter in the street one morning. He asked Jack whether he was a turner and whether he had a lathe. Jack pleaded guilty to both counts and then Max admitted that he too was of the same persuasion.

      Max May.                                            Jack Carter.


This meeting was the beginning of their enduring friendship. It also could be termed the planting of the seed which ultimately grew to become The Eildon and District Woodworkers Guild Inc. though it was not recognised at that time. The first get together of the like-minded people was held at Jack’s place in early 1985 and was attended by Max May, Max Schurmann and Rob Sawyer. It was followed by another at Max Schurmann’s when the original four were introduced to Wendy Cox, Gerhard Stepan and Max Walburn. Thus began a pattern of informal gatherings in the homes of the participants where various woody items were discussed, problems that they encountered were worked out, workshops and machinery of the host were looked at and learned from (either positively or negatively).

To this end, on 30 October 1987 at 8.00 pm a formation meeting was held at the Eildon Community Centre. The meeting was convened by the late ex-councillor Tom Marr O.A.M.

The Name of the group was to be “Eildon and District Woodworkers Guild”.

The Aims:

  • The promotion of woodworking
  • The opportunity to meet others
  • To provide access to all aspects of woodworking
  • To meet the needs of all woodworkers
  • To recognise local trees
  • To exchange ideas

Recently the Guild underwent a name change and the Guild is known as the Alexandra Community Shed/Eildon and District Woodworkers Guild. The reason for the change is that the Guild is now open to both male and female, young and old and whatever their interests. No specific skills are required.

There are now approx. 60 members with a multitude of skills. The shed, location is on the move from behind the Alexandra Tramway and Museum to McKenzie to much improved surroundings. It is now open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am. The Guild actively participates in woodwork shows and exhibitions all over Victoria where the members demonstrate their skills and sell their famous woodturning tools which the Guild manufactures.

Their main event for the year is the Annual Wood and Craft Show which is run in October or November each year.